Thursday, May 17, 2012

17 Mai

First of all I just want to show off my new parasols/umbrellas I got in the mail the other day. They are lovely and big and will definitely help keep me nice and cool this summer. 

They are both from Lisbeth Dahl and I'm really happy with the quality. Not to mention now that I've lost my old black parasol and my old white one is getting more worn by the day I really needed new ones.

Right, now that that's done I can move on to today. :3 It's the 17th of May, Norway's National Day. My mother and I both have norwegian blood so we usually celebrate along with the other Norwegians in Stockholm. There's a big parade-thing every year that goes from the center of town to Skansen, a sort of outdoor museum/zoo. 

Mother dear :3

There were "Coffee Cows" selling coffee along the way. They were cute X3

My outfit :3 As close to Red, White and Blue as I could get.
Dress, shoes, bag: Alice and the Pirates
Bolero, Necklace: Innocent World
Hat: Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium
Parasol: Lisbeth Dahl

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Jasmin/ Zelda Samurai said...

Oh! Jag har det vita parasollet, köpte det när det fortfarande såldes i stan :) Jättevacker outfit verkligen! Du var utan tvekan snyggast där, behöver inte ens se dem andra.