Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthday Updates

Another birthday has passed and this was the soundtrack :3 It just seemed fitting somehow. Still the day was fairly good I suppose. I managed to keep from hoping for things so I wasn't disappointed and I got some really sweet gifts from certain people.

My gift list so far:

A thermos to keep my tea in :3
1000SEK from my parents that will probably be spent on shoes
Two bouquets of roses, yellow and red.
A really pretty newly edited photo from Amanda.
Five in-game companion pets from my guildmates in WoW

Oh and I spent most of the day talking to a very sweet person on the phone. He called me sometime after midnight to wish me Happy Birthday and then again this morning and tonight. It was really nice and he managed to put a smile on my face for most of the day. So thank you!

Oh I almost forgot! My parents also let me order clothing from Innocent world a week ago or something, so they will come in a few weeks I think.

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Mitternacht said...

Oh, I didn't know! Happy birthday!