Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birthday thoughts, and other things.

I just realized it is my birthday next week. It feels so odd, it certainly does not feel like a whole year has passed. Or maybe it does, I don't know. The last year has been slow in some ways and really fast in others. I do not think I will celebrate my birthday this year. I was briefly entertaining the idea of having another teaparty but... it is rather too late to start planning one now and... I just do not feel like it.

On the upside though, I have submitted the form to get a table at Uppcon's Artist's Alley so I will most likely be selling my hats there in June. Also I will spend this week working on several orders I have at the moment. So that is good. Not to mention I have a dear friend who has offered to help me with a website and some other things. I'm leaning more and more towards really putting all my energy into the hatmaking. Perhaps it will work, perhaps not... it's worth a shot at any rate.

Why does my heart cry, feelings I can't hide...

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Arathin said...

Celebration or not, I still have a birthday present for you :)