Saturday, January 15, 2011

I suppose I should take advice when given. What could it hurt, right?

Christmas was awful. Everytime I heard a bell tinkling I had a mild heartattack. At one time I could hear you coming from afar. I used to tease you about it, I think. But the sound always made me happy.


Anonymous said...

I hope the person will get it! If not I think you will just have to try once more or a little harder!

Good luck


Anonymous said...

Nope, not me than. I can't remember you ever mention or teasing me about anything like that.

Anonymous said...

I'm breaking my own promise by typing now but I'm still waiting and
you know where to find me...

Tsukasa said...

I wish you have a proper, great Christmas.

So sad to read that you had bad holidays.

- Askar