Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dreams, Dresses and Updates

My new dream dress... It is so lovely I want to claw my eyes out to keep from staring at it for too long since I know I can in no way afford it. By the time I do manage to scrape together the money it will most likely be Sold Out too. *sigh*

If someone is feeling really generous this is something that would make me a VERY happy girl~

But besides that....

I gave my blog a bit of a makeover, as you might have noticed. The new theme is Paris and Love, two things I have been missing like crazy lately. Still, it was a very nice backround from Shabbyblogs and I thought it would be appropriate for the upcoming month of February and Valentines Day. Or I just wanted something with the Eiffel Tower on it... I'm not sure. I like it either way and I hope that you will too.

I also redesigned my hatblog, and updated it with a new hat. Even more updates will come soon so please take a look :) I am finally in the zone for Hat-making again and I have Five orders to complete, which is more than I have ever had before!

So, yes, please have a look. I would greatly appreciate it!

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