Monday, August 22, 2011

Umeå Lolita Picnic!

I know I'm really really late with updating but I've been so busy lately :3 Also been enjoying a nice break from all the stress this summer. More pictures from Paris will come at some point, but first here are some pics from the Lolita picnic I attended in Umeå~


Kaoru got to come with me of course. She's a Lolita too, after all!

The whole group!

Sweet Lisa~

Kaoru had brought all kinds of goodies to the picnic! :3 (I will, by the way, start selling those chocolates among other things~)

Lisa had the most gorgeous bag!

Isaya was sneaky and took a picture of me when I wasn't looking. o.o

That's all for today~

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My said...

Ooh, nice!<3 Speaking of Paris pictures, if I give you a CD, could you put all of the pictures on it? I don't get Drop-Box, and I think my computer is to old to get it either. ><