Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Most of you are probably waiting to see the rest of the pictures from Paris but they will be delayed unfortunately. I'm in Umeå now, as you might have guessed, and I'm taking it easy, relaxing and doing some minor projects while I'm here. I simply haven't had the energy to deal with the many hundreds of photos that were taken during my trip with the girls. Still, they will come in time. You just have to have a little patience.

Until then, here are some pictures from the last week~

Look who decided to come with me! Very last minute too. It was decided the day before we drove up here. But I'm very happy that he decided to come~

Unfortunately, the poor boy has managed to get sick. So he is lying in our bed right now with a fever. And tomorrow we're going to see the doctor. I hope he gets better soon. I hate seeing him this miserable.

The sky was very pretty one night~

I was thinking of bringing both dolls up here with me, but after packing all of Kaoru's clothes I realized I only had room for one of them. So Yuki got to stay home this time. He needs a bit of a makeover anyway. I think I'm going to order him a new wig when I get home again.

But since Kaoru came with me, I decided to take a few pics of her. More to come later~

She got to wear her blue wig since it went so well with her new dress from Japan Expo.

And here she is in a new dress that I'm making for her. I'm really happy with how it's turning out even though it's not done yet.

I bought quite a lot of doll things in Paris. Like this minihat from Japan Expo.

And this parasol from a random little shop close to our hostel.

Detail pic of the dress and Kaoru's new necklace.

She's so cute!

More pics will come some other day. I'm planning on making quite a lot of dollthings and hats while I'm up here so stay tuned if you're interested in that sort of thing~

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