Monday, May 2, 2011

Cherryblossoms and Fleemarket Finds~

The last week or so I have been busy busy so I haven't been able to post much here. :3 I had to finish a bunch of hats and accessories for yesterday's Lolita Flea market and I was so very stressed out. But even though I had very little time to get a lot of work done, I did allow myself to go out with some friends and enjoy myself on a few occasions. 'Twas probably just as well, otherwise I might have gone mad! XD

Last Wednesday for example I went into town and met Kersti for a little shopping and a sort-of photoshoot. It was very relaxed and fun and it was so nice to see her again! I opted to wear my favorite "Mad Hatter" outfit since I had yet to get any good pictures of it.

Here are a few pictures that were taken that day. More will come when I have time.


Then last Saturday there was an event in a park in Stockholm called Körsbärsblommans Dag. It is a big event that happens every year when the cherry blossoms are blooming. There was a lot of fun and games, shops, food, performances, a Kimono "fashion show", a cosplay show and more. I have been going to this event every year for the last four years so I didn't want to miss it no matter how busy I've been.

I met up with Tess and Amanda, and one of their friends whom I can't remember the name of (Sorry!).

We walked around there for a while, ate icecream and was photographed by a million different people but then I saw something that made me completely sick to my stomach so we decided to leave early. We were only there for about an hour. A shame, really, but what do you do when you're literally shaking and have a hard time standing up?

After leaving Kungsträdgården we went to Viola Lahger where I was finally able to relax somewhat. We chatted with Tea and the new girl (Still can't remember her name!) bought her very first corset! Go you! Then Varga came along after a while with a very cuddly man at her heel. We approve! He even tried on a corset!

Anyway... God, I'm totally rambling, aren't I? -.-.... But after being in the store for a while I gathered up all my hats and ran home for a quick bite to eat before rushing off to Tokyo Stop to prepare for the Flea market. I had promised myself not to buy anything, and save all the money I got from selling my own things for our trip to Paris, but after feeling so iffy for most of the day I decided I was allowed to spoil myself. Especially since one of the other sellers, Vanessa, had two dresses that were absolutely to die for!

That's how I usually make myself feel better by the way - I shop!

Here are the dresses I bought:

A pink-ish dreamy thing in chiffon with a rose pattern from Innocent World. It will be replacing my other pink dress once I get it sold.

And a brown/beige cordoroy dress from Mary Magdalene. I have wanted this dress for... god knows how long and now I finally have it!

I spent the rest of the Saturday, well into the night, finishing off even more hats and corsages to sell.

The Fleemarket on Sunday went well for me, I got quite a few things sold so now I have money! yay! More information about that will come when I have managed to scavenge some pictures~ I didn't bring my own camera, sadly.

Now I'm going to sit back with my tea and try to relax, no matter how hard that might be. Emotional turmoil for the win, eh? Bah, enough of that.

Until next time~


My said...

Such beautiful flowers. Must see them!
Oh, both dresses are adorable! :D

Rosalia said...

Wow you look very stunning! Your hair's red looks really fresh and bright. : D
Oh, I would so love to visit lolitaloppis (that's the right word?)!
I almost made myself come there, but that wasn't possible because of the school and the fact that I live in Lapland... ^^"

Anonymous said...

wtf my hair looks really dark!

anyways, det är helt ok...jag var tvungen att facebooka ditt namn för att påminnas :p