Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Paris, Paris!

As most of you probably know I was planning on going to Paris again this summer. For shopping, Japan Expo and all that. However, what you didn't know is that I'm going with three of my best tea-drinking friends! Tea, Varga and My are joining me at Arlanda Airport on June 28 and then it's off to Paris! Everything is booked and ready now so all we have to do is wait... Hm... waiting... I hate waiting... -.-

At any rate! We shall be in Paris for a whole week, going home on July 4th. In that time we hope to be able to do all the things we wanted... but knowing us, and knowing Paris, I'll be happy if we manage half of those things. Still, what we can't get done this time can always be done on another occasion if we ever chose to go back. And knowing myself... we will :P

It will be so much fun to travel with Teaparty people! I am really looking forward to it. We are so very different in many ways but we still get along wonderfully. Perhaps it is all those "group therapy" sessions we have on the floor in Viola Lahger... I don't know. But I love these girls and I definitely will love seeing Paris again with them!

Music for the day... French of course!


Arathin said...

You have to go back and take me with you! Next year I'll make sure to have the money :)

My said...

It will be the best trip ever! Can't wait!
We gotta bring Hillevi next time to!