Saturday, October 3, 2009

I ripped my favorite book to pieces last night... I got it when I was twelve and I had read it so many times that it was starting to fall apart anyway... But I loved that book and I would have kept reading it over and over again. Unfortunately... Sometimes I just can not seem to control my feelings, no matter how hard I try.

Everyone thinks I'm alright, but I'm not.

I miss Paris so much right now~


2 said...

I'm anonymous. You don't really now me and I don't really now you.
I'm just watching the World and I'm trying to find out some answers.
Even if it's not concerning me.

I want to give you one sentence :
"Certainly, there are many things in the world that are impossible no matter how hard you try.
That's the very reason why there can be no hesitation when you have to try your hardest ..."

Well. It can be hard. You're not alright, I'm really sorry.
Feelings are really ... I can't find words for that.
Did you speak to the source of that feelings ?
To the one who is that source, to yourself ?
But can you speak to it ?
Do you want to speak ?

Life is not really complicated. It's quite simple.
We are complicated. And I'm like you. I'm not alright even if everyone thinks it.

Anonymous said...

kära du, jag hoppas att det vänder. Jag kan nog inte ge så mycket råd egentligen, för jag vet inte riktigt hur jag tog mig ur mitt svarta, men bara tanken på att det finns något annat och att det är möjligt kanske är värt det? Jag vet inte, jag tyckte nog mest själv att alla råd var dryga och oförstående, platta och ytliga.

Nejmen, drick gott té, samla på vackra ord, sov för mycket, ta långa varma duschar, fika morgon som kväll och tänk på morgondagen.