Friday, March 9, 2012

New Hats and Things!

Right... I've been very creative lately! I have all this inspiration lately so I just can't seem to stop working. I have been making hats and sewing and taking pictures of things to upload like... everywhere! 

So here we go! Pictures, pictures and more pictures!

The Mockingbird's Respite
I made this hat last fall, the night before going to KultCon actually, but I never got to take a good picture of it. So here it is! I just love the little bird house I found and I couldn't help but put it on a hat.

Sunset Blush
I think you might have seen this one before but here's a new, better picture of it anyway!

Royalist's Honor
This one I also made for KultCon but once again I never had a chance to take a good picture of it. Still, got to love dark blue and gold together~!

Little Beauregarde
The little purple hat that never had a name. Until now!

Creative Remedy
This was an experiment. Both in shape and color and decorations. I finished it sometime last summer, I think. It's not perfect but I still kind of love how it looks!

Still unnamed! :O
This one was a LOT of fun. I love making wonky shaped hats and the red/gold combined with pearls was just too good to pass up! 

No name here either! Le gasp!
Tricornes are always a Win. No matter what. This one is  the last one, the Flag Ship, of the hat armada I've made. And all of the tricornes will probably be shot together with wonderful wigs that my friend Sandra (Navalith) will be making. 

Cardinal Devotion
Dark red, white, gold and pearls. What could go wrong?

Nature's Grace
Lovely green and creme corsage suitable for spring weddings or anything else you might fancy. 

The Riddler's Hat
This one was fun. A loooot of fun! And it seems to be very popular with just about everyone! I should make more wonky hats soon...

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Oh and if you have any ideas for names for my poor unnamed hats, please leave a comment either here or on the facebook page! I would greatly appreciate it!


Ama said...

They're all beautiful Andrea. I particularly like the "red wonky one" :3 it really should have a fitting name.
It's always pleasant looking at your creations. I'll have to join you for tea and company while you work (if it's not distracting) sometime when I'm in Stockholm.

TeaManiac said...

I fell in love with those hats, They are absoulutely wonderful!