Monday, June 27, 2011

Fishies going to Paris~

My, I'm really getting worse and worse at this whole updating-thing. The last couple of weeks I have had quite a lot of things to write about but never the energy to actually post anything here. I blame Tomas, he's keeping me busy all the time. :3 (Not that I actually mind.... but that's besides the point!)

Anyway, tomorrow is a pretty big day so I thought I should at least let you know that I probably won't post anything new for another week. Why? Because I'm going to Paris, that's why! Tea, Varga and My will be coming over to my place sometime today and then we all sleep here so we can easily go to Arlanda Airport tomorrow morning. I'm really looking forward to this trip~ Traveling with good friends is really wonderful and there are quite a few things we want to do and see. We also have tickets to Japan Expo for all four days so we will probably make an appearance there at some point.

If anyone else happens to be in Paris the next week, or just at Japan expo, let me know~ I'd love to be able to say Hello at the very least! :D We will be there for a whole week, going back next Monday in the evening. I promise to have a whole lot of photos to put here when I come home again.

Now I need to get back to packing~

Have a nice week, everyone!


suтεωι~ ☆ said...

I'm on the Japan Expo on saturday and sunday and I'd love to see you there! :3

Helene G.A.R. said...

You're really lucky that get to go to Paris. I wish I could go there too ~