Friday, January 23, 2009


Lately my life has not quite been my own.

Due to my injured elbow I have not been able to study nor do spectacular things with the few loved ones I have. To say I have been bored would be an extreme understatement. Uppcon, a swedish anime and manga convention, has been the only real highlight these last couple of weeks. I was reunited with my long lost sister, who has fallen under the spell of a group of evil Cosplayers!, and managed to bring home yet another addition to my rapidly growing wardrobe.

Today was the first day, not counting my trip to the physiotherapist, that I went out of my family's apartment and my destination was, believe it or not, my school. Lack of motivation and other misfortunes has prevented me from wishing to go back to that ... place, but today my father finally forced me to go. The trepidation I felt was not as great as when I was told I had to spend the days before Christmas in the hospital, however, my stomach certainly decided to rebel against me either way. Fortunately, the meeting went surprisingly well and I now only have a few classes a week on my schedule.

Another rather fortunate thing came out of going outside my door today as well. Just before the meeting in school, my father and I stopped at a fastfood restaurant, which name I shall not divulge, and as I sat waiting for my food a gentleman came up to me. "It is nice to see someone who dares to dress as elegantly as you do, my lady." He said and explained that he was a speaker of some sort and had recently made a speech somewhere after which he had been rewarded with a bouquet of flowers. But since he found me to be so out of the ordinary he decided to give me the flowers instead.

Now that has never happened before!

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